Vegan Artists YOU NEED to Know! Samantha – One Heart Illustration

I’m Samantha, and I’m an animal rights illustrator and activist. Born and raised in Hong Kong, none of the people I know have ever heard of “veganism.” We don’t even know what does the word mean.

Veganism is a minority or even regarded as a “cult” because of its religious association. One year ago I went vegan because I was battling a 5-year eating disorder, I thought I could eat less by going vegan.

Little did I know, veganism gradually taught me to accept and appreciate food–real plant foods from the earth. I was physically and mentally healed accidentally by veganism. As I grew, I felt strongly for the animals being systematically abused in the meat-eating culture. I become involved in animal rights activism. In early 2017, I organized Hong Kong Pig Save to bring people closer to slaughterhouses and to see the individuals that have been regarded as meat.

I also fell deeply passionate in love with making illustrations about farm animals. One of the things that I’ve learned as an activist is, the most effective activism is to inform and explain with facts. I started doing informative videos on YouTube in Chinese about veganism and the meat, dairy and egg industry.

I hope to be a voice for the animals in my Chinese Community so that veganism can grow as a global movement. I am currently working on an illustrated book about feminism and veganism.

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