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Nicole Moss is an emerging artist currently living and working in Toronto. She studied drawing and painting at OCAD University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her interests are explored through the use of collage and acrylic paint.

Road Trip
Road Trip

Moss examines collage as a process and a final piece, both displaying the manipulation of reality. Ordinary, everyday images are brought together to create unusual visuals and new narratives, exploring themes such as feminism, relationships, family dynamics and the mind. Images from nature, art movements and iconic eras are juxtaposed to critique and question the human’s place throughout history, especially that of the woman’s.
Many of her works strive to critique stereotypes and expectations of women formed by antiquated concepts of family dynamics. The ambivalence of family life from a woman’s perspective is explored, in terms of her responsibilities, anxieties, and pressures in comparison to that of a man’s. The woman is presented in a role that is socially defined by traditions, the media, and patriarchal culture. In some cases, she attempts to paint collages in acrylic paint to portray a more unified and cohesive space.


Moss believes collage is the perfect medium to communicate issues, ideas and stories due to the opportunity it provides for one to distort, choose and place an image wherever they desire in relation to another. The infinite world of images supplies this artist with the convenience and freedom to create witty and thought-provoking collages that challenge the past and today’s world.

The Kiss
The Kiss

Surreal, witty and thought-provoking collages are what result from Nicole Moss’ juxtaposition of images. She currently lives and works in Toronto, where she earned her BFA in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University. By bringing together ordinary, everyday images that have no relativeness in time, age or subject, she aims to challenge the social status of women, family dynamics, and art throughout history. A new narrative is created within each piece—one which is visually dreamlike, yet conceptually revealing. Nicole most recently received the “Best of 2D Media” award at the 2016 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and continues to exhibit and sell her work in Toronto.

The Crucifixion_2016
The Crucifixion_2016

Connect with Nicole on social media here:

Instagram: nicolejmoss

What is your favorite Inspirational quote?

I love Nike’s slogan. JUST DO IT! Sometimes you just have to do things without thinking. That is when great stuff starts happening.

What is the coolest thing you ever won?

My awards for my art. It is so nice for my work to be recognized as being great and award worthy. It is a good feeling as an artist when your hard work gets recognized and appreciated.

Winner best of 2D media at the toronto outdoor art exhibition 2016
Winner best of 2D media at the toronto outdoor art exhibition 2016

What is your horoscope sign? Do you feel it fits you?

I am a Cancer. I feel it fits me really well. All the traits and characteristics are dead on. I am artistic, creative, a hard worker, sensitive and do not like change.

The Conversation
The Conversation

Do you think you could survive the zombie apocalypse? Why or why not?

I am obsessed with zombie shows and movies. I love them. I have so many dreams of an apocalypse happening, I feel like I have attained so much knowledge from all the movies and shows I’ve watched, so YES, I would totally survive.

What do you think is the key to a healthy relationship?

Trust 100%.

If you won the lottery what 3 things would you do first

2. Buy a house with the perfect space for a studio to make my art.
3. Buy a plane ticket to go somewhere I’ve never been before.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Marben in Toronto.

Sky's the limit
Sky’s the limit

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