Artists You Need to Know: Millie Bartlett– Collage artist- She Knows You are Watching Her. Australia


Millie Bartlett is an analog collage artist currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Her work articulates a strong visual language that is at once funny and feminist, romantic and razor-sharp, polite and political, tender and tumultuous. Contradiction is her cup of tea.


Millie has spent a great deal of her creative life with paints and charcoal, however, found collage in 2013 and immediately found a synergy that was lacking in other mediums. Using primarily 1950s vintage magazines and ephemera she deconstructs concepts of feminism and the “progression” of women using kitsch sensibilities and enduring stereotypes. The tension between women’s position as subject and object is a point of recurring interest in her work.

A student of the male gaze, Millie creates collages that speak of the self-consciousness of the watched.


She loves the smell of really old paper and never works digital.

Please Connect with Millie online here:




Do you collect anything?

Yes, an awful lot. Mostly magazines and books for collaging.
Also, whenever I see a copy of Dogger by Shirley Hughes, I cannot leave the store without it. I have several copies and even a first edition.


If you could cure one disease in the world what would it be? Why?

Patriarchy. It’s a disease of male entitlement. Without it, half of the population would immediately benefit and would no doubt smile without being instructed to by random men on the street. Ta-Dah!

One person living or dead you would love to hang out with for a day? What would you do?

There are so many people, but I’ll choose my mother. She passed away 9 years ago. If we had the chance to hang out for a day we would probably drink too much coffee and talk about what dying was like. Her passing is why I’m not afraid of death (not that I ever really was, but her death was pretty remarkable as far as deaths go). She was pretty hilarious and weird and I miss her terribly.

3 Songs for your funeral list.

Only three? That’s tough. I’ve been curating a list of funeral songs in my head for years. Here are some on that list lately…
1. Don’t Worry Baby – The Beach Boys
2. Neighbourhood #1 – Arcade Fire
3. These Days – Nico & The Velvet Underground
But Yo La Tengo’s tender moments would feature and also Sparklehorse.


How do you think we can fix the racial divide in the United States?

I’m no expert on the subject (although I’m from Australia – a country white people invaded and slaughtered it’s first inhabitants and continue to ignore the disparities that exist along race and class lines) but maybe everyone can stop shooting all the African-Americans? Just a thought.


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