Artists You Need to Know: Lesha Maureen Porche – Painter and Illustrator

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Lesha Porche began studying art at age six at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. She won her first art scholarship at age eight to the Dayton Art Institute. Lesha won a Congressional Certificate of Honor for her work, as well as winning a Judge’s Choice (2013) and a 2nd place overall (2015) award at ArtsQuest in the Florida Panhandle. She won a Judge’s Recognition award at the Destin Festival of the arts in 2015.

French Quarters

After creating a dual degree in Art & Architecture for her Bachelors of Design at the University of Florida Lesha worked as a graphic designer. She returned to Florida to earn a degree in Architecture for her Masters of Design. Lesha worked as a Community Planner for two years with the United States Air Force in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was there she discovered some of the startling beauty of western horizons. Back in Florida in 2006, Lesha began investigating the local vistas. With the help of friends around the world she also paints international street scenes.


Most of her work is concerned with creating a sense of spatial immersion – the viewer is drawn into, and feels a part of, the view she creates. Her training in architecture is evident in her use of line, depth and perspective, though she never uses a ruler to draw any straight lines in her work. Each piece is created in pencil, then inked, then painted over in watercolor.

Photo Credit Dana Gage
Photo Credit Dana Gage

Lesha lives and works in Niceville, Florida with her rescue dog Mac, who she sneaks into several paintings

Pet Portraits

I just want to explore the juxtaposition of organic decay of man-made objects through the lens of perspective angles. I do this because I am most fascinated by this dynamic of entropy. I find it cathartic, haunting and beautiful. It’s also somewhat sad at times, but I find it all the more beautiful because of that.

Photo Credit: Dana Gage
Photo Credit: Dana Gage

The detail in my work is a form of art therapy for me; it helps me cope with some of my mental health issues.

Here is really powerful article Lesha wrote that captures how she creates will dealing with emotional adversity. Click here.

Photo Credit: Marlin Rodriguez
Photo Credit: Marlin Rodriguez

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