Vegan Artists You Need to Know: L3F0u – The First Rule of Vegan Club is You DO Talk About Vegan Club.

#L 3 F 0/ u {le fou} (pronounced: [lə fu])

Constantin Philippou, born May 21, 1972, is a Greek self-taught vegan street artist who goes by the name L 3 F 0/ u {le fou}, which means “the crazy” in French. Born in Greece, raised in Paris and currently living in Los Angeles, he had the chance to experience and become influenced by different cultures and major artistic works from 500 BCE till the present. L 3 F 0/ u has been drawing since the age of 4 and made his first sale of a copy of a Dali in his teenage years. He uses a combination of mediums for his artwork including graffiti, acrylic, stencil, 3-D printing on canvas, and walls or boards of any type.

After discovering the living conditions of animals in factory farms, his theme has become mixing famous icons with vegan messages through pop art. One can see his passion for animals and justice through the direct messages of his work. His mission is showing viewers the current problems of the world, and how by making a small change, such as going vegan, one can help not only the injustices towards animals but also the environment (drought, methane, …), world hunger and most of all his or her health. He agrees with Leo Tolstoy’s quote: “As long as there are slaughterhouses there will always be battlefields.” and is a strong believer that by the year 2050 the world will be vegan.

Wonder how you can CHANGE THE WORLD with the minimum amount of effort and sacrifice? I used to think it was impossible until I realized that a small thing could have a huge impact, and wearing a vegan T-shirt has a HUGE impact too! Don’t believe me? Here is a true story…

As I do most of the time, I was wearing one of my Vegan tees, to spread the Vegan word out. That day it happened to be wearing the one with a paper-size rectangle design, “ACTUAL SIZE OF HEN CAGE”. I went out with a couple of my friends for lunch, and they wanted to go to a place that serves meat, to “get their protein’. One of my pals wanted an omelet. We were ready to order when suddenly he noticed my shirt and told me he did not feel like having eggs anymore. I thought he was kidding, but he ordered a salad instead.

So go ahead and change the world now by saving an animal’s life… you can too!

L 3 F 0 u ’s work is currently represented at The Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles, and he works in his studio in DTLA.

% of proceeds are donated to Mercy For Animals, that strives for the better living conditions of farm factory animals 😉

Connect to this Inspirational Soul online here:

Website: & l3f0u
Instagram: @l3f0u
Twitter: @l3F0u
Facebook: artlefou

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