Artists You Need to Know: Kim – Collage Artist & Photographer – I love Visual Media that Provokes Thought and Stimulates Conversation.

My name is Kim. I don’t really like to give my last name because I feel it takes away from the work. I’ve been doing collages since I was a kid, if it wasn’t to pass the time on a cold winter’s day in North Chicago, Illinois, it was to fulfill liberal arts requirements at the formal Catholic schools attended. Or sometimes it was just fun to do with the left-over magazines that didn’t make it to my Duran Duran or Wham! scrapbooks or my teenage bedroom walls. I started posting my latest collages on Instagram about a year ago, and I’m thrilled at the response I’ve received! Such a generous and supportive community: #collageart #collageartlife #collageartist.

I love any/all printed material. Not always having money for the latest Vogue, Cosmo, Time, or Newsweek, I usually take to free weekly publications in the news bins around town for my collage material. Any magazine will do since it isn’t hard to find pictures of women in print. Woman have been used in print media since the dawn of print media and it has shaped the way we woman see ourselves. From the latest Paris runway to this seasons hem/necklines, print media is bombarding society with the objectification woman and sexualizing us to sell anything from cars to laundry soap.

Having fun with your art medium is the goal and mixing black and white with saturated glossies and the contrast it creates makes my eyes happy! I love any visual media that provokes thought and stimulates conversation.

You can connect with this Inspirational Soul online here:

Instagram Collage Work: @womancollagewoman
Instagram Photography: @closetofmind

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