Artists You Need to Know: Kat Checa – Believe in Yourself So Much, There is No Way it Won’t Happen (Hair & Makeup Artist, Chef and Singer/Songwriter) –


My name is Kat Checa. I am an artist in several different forms. I’ve been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 9years.

Every day, i feel so grateful for having a career that allows me to be my colored haired, tattooed, foul mouth self and still be accepted as a working professional as well as an artist.

As an artist, I’m always evolving, learning, and growing. A change means growth and setting new limits. I like to introduce that concept to my clients through hair and makeup. When a client is inspired for change, i feed off of that. The fact that they trust me with their image and personal life (all stylists double as therapists lol) means the world to me.

Makeup is therapeutic. After i even out the skin tone on the client, all i see is a blank canvas ready for color, dimension, perhaps some sparkle.. the confidence that exudes and the smile and sass that bubbles from the person really makes my day. You can check out my glam work on IG @glambykat.

I’m very fortunate to be in a profession that allows me to make my own schedule and customize it to fit my lifestyle and make time to pursue other interests and passions such as cooking, music and some modeling.

i LOVE cooking! A couple years ago, i started a catering and meal prep business.

It became my full-time gig while still handling clients at the salon.

Although my new business was doing great with meal prep clients and catering gigs, i decided to take a break from it to get some restaurant experience to see if perhaps i wanted to take that route instead.

Plus, i missed the salon and my clients! i will take on my business again one day when I’m ready with a clear mind and a refreshed vision. ‘Til then I’m working on my little projects revolving around vegan food and healthy eating. You can check out a vegan food page i have with my sister on IG: @hermanas.veganas

How important is music in your life?

Music is seriously everything to me. Before i knew how to do anything hair or makeup related, singing was my first passion and self-discovered talent.

I wrote my first song when i was 8 lol. I sang in a couple bands in my late teen years and worked on music projects with a couple producer friends as well.

Although I have yet to release any material, I stay creating. I love listening to beats and get lost in them until the right feeling inside hits, then a melody slips off my tongue.

My thoughts and feelings become words that eventually make their way onto paper and will one day get to the ears of a listener. Music is my heart. Whether i ever release it or not, I’m not too concerned. Music is what has kept my peace. That’s all that truly matters.

Do you have a pet?

Yes! I have an 11yr old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix.

His name is, Ghost. I’ve had him since he was a teeny tiny little pup. I love him so much. He’s still so full of energy, smart and alert. He’s my little doorbell.

What are 3 things you would have on a deserted island?

Chapstick, a knife, and a blanket in case i get cold. I always get cold.

What is one thing that you don’t know that you wish you did?

I wish i knew how to play instruments. Guitar, piano, and drums would be ideal. Musicians make it look so easy! I know it’s never too late to learn. Just gotta fit the time to practice!

Do you think its possible to have your dream job?

Absolutely! Work hard, be consistent, seek growth, take chances, focus, and believe in yourself. Believe so much in yourself that you are 110% convinced that there’s no way it’s NOT going to happen. Nothing happens overnight, so have patience and enjoy the journey as you learn what’s necessary to have longevity in your dream job & life. Although i love my job and my music and business projects, ya girl stays dreaming and working towards the next step. If i could have my little salon studio and my little restaurant storefront next door while taking breaks here and there to go touring with my music…that would be the ultimate dream! There’s still a lot of work ahead of me but the sky is the limit when you are doing the things you love.


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