Artists You NEED to Know: Jennifer Kosharek – Gretchen Stands for Freedom and Expression for Women the World Over!

Jennifer Kosharek is an artist mom who specializes in painting, street art spray paint murals, rag doll making and raising her four crumb cakes. She enjoys taking her crumb cakes to galleries, museums, thrift shops, beaches and nature trails.

Kosharek has been a long time participant of The Sketchbook Project, Free Art Friday, and the Mail Art movement. She owned and curated the eve-N-odd art gallery for three years where she connected artists to art lovers and collectors. Kosharek mostly paints her iconic character, Gretchen. Gretchen is a personal symbol for the artist and stands for freedom and expression for women the world over!

Additional Artist Credit to “Thirst” for work on this mural.

My favorite game to gamble at is life. I bet “all in” on me, red #7. My first owned album/CD was REM: Green. I’d take a bullet for any of my kids. My bucket list is to make it to Paris.

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