Artists You Need to Know: Jaclyn Dubois aka the Confetti Monster – I Write in the Dark as I Fall Asleep (Writer)

I grew up playing pretend in the teeny tiny town of Bennettsville, South Carolina, where dogwood trees are for climbing and attics are for mysteries and backyard clubhouses are for writing about them. The itch to write followed me through high school, when I fell into books deeply and often to ease the stress and depression of being a misunderstood teenage nobody. My obsession remained into adulthood and though the ultimate goal was to write full time, I wound up teaching high school English, which – fortunately – pairs fairly well with that, and so there have been a few novels in the works over the years.

Eleven-month-old twins, however, are very bad for productivity, so I find myself scribbling and writing all these little stories in my precious free time (aka after work as I water the garden fort out back or in the dark as I fall asleep to the sound of the baby monitor).

I’ve learned that writing isn’t about money or followers or fame, but that it’s the cheapest and purest form of therapy. I write because I feel better, I write because I hope it helps you feel better, too.

We Are All Stories blog: (submissions welcome)

Instagram: @confettimonster for artwork and confetti and daily life, @confettimonsterwrites for tiny stories and inspiration and words

Tumblr: for a smattering of all of the above

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