Artists You Need to Know: Graham Gross –Just a Guy with a Camera Who likes to take Photos

I’m a 33-year-old, 100% disabled, US Army combat vet. I currently live in Dayton, OH. I spend as much time as I can traveling (by motorcycle if possible) and taking photographs, typically of landscapes or nature. I try to dabble in architecture and cityscapes as well. I started using photography as a form of meditation, or therapy. I love to photograph the American South West. I am going to Thailand in the spring for the Songkran festival. I have only been taking pictures for seven months and I do not call myself a photographer, I’m just a guy with a camera who likes to take photos. I like capturing images that make people feel the sense of wonderment and awe that I feel while capturing it. I am not a great at photography, but every day I try and work at becoming better. I am always open to constructive criticism on my images, if someone has any advice to improve my work, I would love to hear it.

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Name a place I would like to visit.

I would love to visit New Zealand, there are some amazing places for landscape photography there.

Do you prefer to vacation with the locals or all-inclusive resort?

I prefer to vacation with locals. I like local food places, not chains. I like to travel cheap, and things away from touristy places are generally cheaper, the experience is usually much richer.

Have you ever thought of killing yourself?

Suicide is something that lingers on the fringes of my mind. It’s not something I would ever go through with, but I wonder sometimes if the world wouldn’t be a better place because of all the harm I have done. Part of the reason I love photography as much as I do is I feel like it allows me to do some sort of good in a world where I’ve seen a lot of negative energy.

Do you think bully is avoidable or that it should be just accepted as part of right so passage? Where does it come from?

I don’t believe that bullying is avoidable, and I’m not entirely sure that it should be avoided. I don’t see it as a right of passage, but I think learning to deal with confrontation and stress in a healthy way when we are young is important. It seems to me that a lot of adults today don’t have a grasp on how to deal with confrontation or stress healthily. No one should be made to feel judged or marginalized, but since it’s an eventuality for everyone, I think it’s important to learn how to deal with it.

What’s the longest road trip you have ever taken?

I rode my motorcycle from Dayton, OH to Key West, FL then to New York City, then back to Dayton.

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