Vegan Artists YOU NEED to KNOW: Epiphany Szoot – Creating Art that has a Positive Impact on the World

Epiphany Szoot is a self-taught artist from Fresno who begun creating art at the age of 2.

I started my journey as an artist being fascinated with magic animals, unicorns and Pegasus were my favorites, they ignited within me the ever so prodding urge to create. being completely enchanted with the arts, new methods and mediums began to create the landscape in which would be my life today.

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I am inspired by other artists around me. My mind would go crazy if I didn’t try the next thing.

After becoming vegan, I vowed all my painting to have precious positive meaning, to inspire, invoke love, empathy, and compassion, to bring awareness and to save lives. At that point my art literally took fire and Fumage painting is what came of it.

Now that I am Vegan I make sure everything I do has a positive impact. I use cruelty-free paints in my artwork and tattoos.

I use my art to help other in different ways as well, I do a lot of portraits for people who have lost loved ones, animal and human alike,

I donate art to be auctioned to help sanctuaries, and I even have a passion for vegan culinary creations as well which I share with anyone who is interested in my Facebook page.

I currently am finishing up a children’s book that will be available for free to read on YouTube soon, written by me and also all the art created by myself as well. The core of the book is about kindness, life lessons, and healthy eating. all in a magnificent wonderland adventure!

I am currently gathering early vegan donations to help out homeless animals and their humans again this year, ( link in charity)

everything is done with My very best friend Max!

Charity work:

Go Fund Me for charity


“Be The Vegan You Want to See in the World” Stickers. $1.50 each – Free shipping U.S. Only email:

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