Vegan Artists YOU Need to Know: Dan Berry- Creator of the Graphic Novels, VERDACOMB and TOFUZILLA

My name is Dan Berry and I live on an actual blueberry farm outside of Portland with my wife Melissa. Together, we started Fun Guy Studios LLC, which independently publishes two graphic novel series: VERDACOMB and TOFUZILLA.

With VERDACOMB we have created a world addicted to virtual reality… where everyone stays at home and the streets are empty. Except once a year there’s a music festival held around an ancient stone arena. The story follows three fiends who have united to expose the corruption behind the system, and wake up everyone from their virtual addictions. Chapter One: Denuva is available to read for free at!

TOFUZILLA is a time travel story that takes place within the same general universe as VERDACOMB. Filled with Terra Organic Fighting Units (TOFU Mechs), a mysterious space-suit girl, and a seemingly conscious crystal – saying much more would risk spoiling the story itself! You can read all of Parts One and Two at since it is and always will be a webcomic!

Driven by our interest in consciousness, reality, veganism, and science fiction, we have created a world of our own where we can transmit complex ideas through narratives – enabling the reader to comprehend our own feelings via the choices and story arcs of our characters. Stories are powerful and with the right amount of thrilling action and psychedelic mystery – we believe we can change the minds and hearts of our readers.

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