Artists You Need to Know: Cody Huff – I Am the Universe’s Vessel of Creation.


It took me a long while to accept my passion for art and to believe in myself enough to move forward with the dream. That’s always the scariest part, isn’t it? The first steps. The steps of learning and refining. It’s a constant practice, and the real work that comes isn’t really the art at all, it’s believing in yourself enough to keep doing it and being removed enough to have fun with it. I use art as meditation, a safe space where I can engage in the world through less common means. I’m never sure what I’m going to make when I’m going to sleep at night, I see ‘pictures’ and I like to believe its little muses, or the Universe using me as a vessel of creation.


Both my parents are creative, they both love to write, and my dad also sings and plays the guitar. I’m sure that’s a big influence. Also having partners and friends who make art is an amazing help to get me going. I have always attracted to other artists, and then one day I dawned on me that the attraction came from a desire to be doing what they were doing.


I’ve been making art relatively seriously for 5 years now. I believe making art gives others permission to make art, which is essentially playing, and when we play it’s much easier to see the cosmic joke, the big picture if you will, and that to me is inner peace.

Fashion design
Fashion design

You can catch Cody online here:

Website: Cody Huff
Instagram: @codychuff
Facebook: Art by Cody Huff



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