Artists You Need to Know: Cocopayaa (Collage) – Art is Supposed to Help the World Be More Peaceful!

I am a collage artist who lives in Turkey. I also do painting and drawing sometimes. The special thing about collage art is that it knows no boundaries, You can collage what ever you have in your mind. I actually enjoy it a lot, It just feels so good and awesome when you do what you love to do!
I think that art is supposed to be helping the world be less brutal and more peaceful and here I am trying to make it happen. Catch this Amazing Artist here on Instagram: @Cocopayaa

Do you believe in Aliens?

Yes, I do! I believe that they exist somewhere out there in our beautiful universe and they are aware of us and I think every human being would love to get to know. them.who knows maybe they’re better than us!

Do you believe in soul mates?

Yes and I already found mine. He has become my everything since we met. He showed me the true love and the way it supposed to be. I hope that someday everybody finds their soul mate as I did. because life makes sense when you are not alone!

What is your favorite accent?

British of course, The classiest accent ever …

How much money do you think is enough?

Just a million,  per hour!

Who do you talk to on the phone the most?

My brother. I have to say, he is also my best friend.

If you were the opposite gender for a day what would you do?

Well honestly, I think life is much easier when you are a male, If I would become a man for a day, I think I would buy a bunch of flowers and give them to every woman that I see. It may sounds cliche, but it feels nice 🙂

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