Artists You Need to Know: Cat Coppenrath – Navigating the Charming Crevices In Between – (Photographer)

Cat Coppenrath is an analog and digital photographer with roots in San Diego, CA.

The obligatory question: Why do I take photos?

Mostly self-taught, I have used the creation of images as a means of self-care and personal expression. From my background in clinical social work to my personal connection with eclectic vintage cars, analog, and vinyl, the images I create are a glimpse into my own unique world and the things that intrigue me. I enjoy documenting my travels, the people that surround me, and the things that make me feel something. I honestly think this is why I dig shooting film so much. I want the personal connection, the hints of nostalgia, and the antique vibes.

The important question: How does photography make me feel?

I’ve always been sensitive so I feel a lot with others. I think this is why I seek moments of empathy from behind the lens where the subject and myself come together in a moment of understanding and truth. In these fleeting moments I ooze curiosity, I investigate answers, and more importantly, I navigate the charming crevices in between. Sometimes I think that maybe, just maybe, I could do this for the rest of my life… just myself, the basic necessities, and my camera.

Catch This Inspirational Artist online here:

Instagram: @voodooeyephotography

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