Artists You Need to Know: Belén Marchant Ibaceta – Chile. Cutting Her Happiness to Pieces.


My name is Belén Marchant Ibaceta. I’m 26 years old and I’m from Chile. I’m a designer, I studied Fashion design and Graphic design and I’m currently working as Art Director in an advertising agency. I’ve always been very fond of art and design I love illustration, photography, fashion, music, movies, etc.


I discovered the art of collage many years ago when I was a teenager and I was looking for a different way to express the things that were going in my mind, but I didn’t take the time to really go deep into the technique. It was only at the beginning of this year, 2016, that I bumped upon this technique again, when I found the work of Colombian artist Sara Serna (who is one of my favorite collage artists).


I started looking for different artists and ways to create collages, and I finally realize that I really wanted to learn this technique myself, so I did. I looked upon infinite websites of photography and illustration, vintage magazines, etc. until I collected the pieces that composed my first collage. I fell in love with this technique the very first moment I saw my first collage finished, but I understood that there was a long way to go if I wanted to show my work to others.


So that’s been my journey, it’s been very little time since I started learning how to make collages but I have been really meticulous and consistent; I believe this is the very first time that I’m so captivated with an art technique, so that has been my motivation to create and practice and learn every day about this gorgeous way to create art. I find it romantic and delicate. The way you can use things that are already made (illustrations, photography, etc.) and create a totally different thing, with a different feeling. It just seems so beautiful to me.


I like to create collages that tell stories, but stories that can be read in different ways depending on who’s looking at the collage. You don’t only have to look at the collage, you have to read it, feel it, imagine the story. That’s my inspiration and that’s what I want to communicate, different stories that we feel deep inside of us while we imagine what’s going on between all these pieces that compose a collage.

I used to have an Instagram account where I uploaded digital illustrations but after I was a little more confident with my collage work, I transformed the account into a collage Instagram.

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I was featured in the “Collage Artwork” Instagram and the “Collage Expo” Instagram. Recently, a collage of mine was featured, withing 50 other collage artist, in the new “Collage Collective Co.” book, called, “Green.” Also, I was contacted by a British band, to create an artwork for their vinyl, so that’s been a very exciting project I’m working on.


It’s funny how you can live many years doing different things and enjoy art, but then one day you find THAT technique that totally changes something inside of you, it’s like a part of your creative process was missing and then suddenly it is not anymore. I’m incredibly happy I found the collage art because it has been a life savior in many ways, artistically and emotionally; it’s been a beautiful yet short journey. I look forward to continuing to learn, experiment, and create. Creating, creating, creating always!


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