Inspirational SOULdier: Happy Veteran’s Day – Anna Paulina– SrA/E-4 U.S. Air Force


Anna Paulina. I currently live in lovely panhandle of Florida.

What was/is your rank, what branch, and where have you been deployed or been in a conflict?

My last rank before discharge was SrA/E-4. I enlisted in the Air Force in February 2009 and was released January 2014.

How long you, were/have been, in the military

I was in for just under five years!

What is your Passion?

I love traveling. To date I have been to over 23 countries around the world. Hopefully within the next year, I will be traveling down to South America.

What inspires you?

I am inspired on a regular basis by History. I am actually a huge history buff although the degree I am currently going go to school for is Science. Reading about past conflicts, changes, and governments really have an impact on my every day train of thought.

Which person living or dead has inspired you the most?

I think to date, the person that has inspired me the most of Former President John F. Kennedy. We as humans are not perfect… but we also are and shouldn’t be expected to be. HE is everything I believe a true leader should be.

What is your favorite Inspirational Quote?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -Edmund Burke. This quote makes the difference to may people who cannot stand up for themselves. Be the change you want to see in the world.

How do you try to inspire others?

Every day I try to do one nice (unsaid and unspoken) thing for someone. This is a little arrangement I have with God. It makes me feel good as well as has a huge positive impact on the people I come into contact with .

When are you the happiest?

I am happiest when I get home everyday and see my animals. I have 2 dogs. They’re the sweetest little animals you will ever meet. I do believe there is something that can be learned from simply observing animals. I like my quiet time… but with them around I never feel alone.

One non-profit you support?

Force Recon Sniper Foundation. I actually came into contact with them earlier this year. This is directly from their page: The R&S Foundation provides a supporting infrastructure for veterans through outreach, financial resources, mentoring, and career development. With your support, we can give back to those who have borne the nation’s battles, and empower them to reach their true potential.

What is one easy thing you can do to change the world for good in the next 24 hours?

A tip: Be kind to everyone you come into contact with whether or not they meet your expectations. Even something as simple as opening the door for someone can change their entire day. Always be the bigger person, even when you don’t want too… and no matter what stand up for what you truly believe in but be willing to always hear the other side of someones argument or opinion.

One thing I would personally like to do is:

I would take a position in political office. I do believe that the United States of America is truly a blessed nation. I also believe that there are certain people who need to have a voice. One day, maybe not anytime soon, but one day I intend to be that voice. I think although it wouldn’t have a HUGE *BOOM* moment, that the butterfly affect would take affect and eventually it would have a global impact.

What is your hope for the world?

That the United States can continue to provide an honorable image of Democracy and hope to other nations that inspire people around the world. Even in my travels, I have seen how much of a global impact we have. This is everything from politics, to beauty, to cultural enrichments.

Catch Anna on Instagram here: @_annapaulina_

This picture makes me feel HAPPY!


This picture makes me feel Beautiful!


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