Being Vegan, Vegan Being: Daria Deptula – (Miss Fit Vegan) Being Vegan is a True Awakening!

What was the moment you realize that you wanted to go vegan?

After watching “Forks Over Knives” for the first time, I knew I needed a change in my life. I went Vegan for a week but ended up going back to meat and dairy shortly after. However it didn’t feel right anymore. Eating wasn’t bringing me the same joy as it used to. I decided to watch the documentary again, and this time, I vowed to never eat meat and dairy again! It’s been over a year and a half and it’s still the best decision I have ever made.

How long have you been Vegan?

Over a year and a half.

Why is being Vegan important to you?

Being Vegan isn’t just giving up all way meat and dairy consumption. It’s so much more than that! You become a more compassionate person in all aspects of your life. You become more connected to your soul, planet earth, animals, and other human beings. It’s a true awakening.

Do you have a blog or favorite vegan blog you read?

I have a blog on my website where I share nutrition advice, personal thoughts, recipes, etc. Its

Any recommended Vegan books?

I love “The Happy Vegan” by Russell Simmons, “How Not to Die” by Dr. Greger, “The Food Revolution” by John Robbins, and “The China Study” by T. Colin Cambell, PhD and Thomas M. Cambell II, MD.

Any recommended social sites, Facebook Groups or other?

There are SO many amazing social sites that it would take me a few pages to name them all, but a few are Vegan Community, Vegan Outreach, The Happy Pear, @VeganFoodShare, @Vegan, and @VeganBodybuilding, among many others.

Do you actively promote veganism? How?

Yes, I do. I am very active on all my social media sites showing people you can be strong, fit, and lean as a vegan. One example of things I’ve shared is my bikini competition in American Natural Body Building Federation where I took home 2nd place in bikini novice and 3rd place in bikini open as the only Vegan on stage.

Do you miss any non-Vegan foods?

Honestly, there are so many Vegan options these days that taste even better than the original that I haven’t missed one thing. Vegan pizza, Vegan cheese, Vegan burgers, Vegan ice cream… it’s all delicious!
What is your favorite Vegan meme?

What is your favorite Vegan stereotype? If someone asks you a question about it, how do you respond?

That Vegans don’t get enough protein. I always just flex my bicep and smile.

What’s your favorite Vegan restaurant?

I’d say Choices Café in Miami.

What’s your favorite recipe? Please share it.

My favorite recipe is Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies. They are to die for!
The recipe is:
1 cup mashed sweet potato
½ cup smooth nut butter of your choice
2 T pure maple syrup
¼ cup cacao powder
Preheat oven to 350. Melt nut butter with your pure maple syrup. In a large mixing bowl, add mashed sweet potato, nut butter, maple syrup and cacao powder and mix very well.

Pour mixture into grease pan and bake for around 20-30 minutes. Enjoy!

Some encouraging words for new Vegans?

Like any change in our lives, it takes practice, consistency, knowledge, and passion to become skilled at something new. Being Vegan will be a challenge at times, especially in the first few months. It’s all about getting over those humps, learning about proper nutrition, watching YouTube videos of other thriving Vegans, following Vegan social media sites for motivation, inspiration, and recipes. Knowing WHY you went vegan and realizing the positive impact this has on you, the planet, and the animals.

Are you a cruelty-Free vegan?

I try to be as much as I can. I will admit at times it’s hard to have everything that is cruelty free in my household, but I try to choose Cruelty Free options whenever I can.

Talk about a time when you struggled with your Veganism?

The first three months were the hardest because being an athlete, I was so used to meat as a source of protein. However, with proper knowledge of plant-based nutrition I was able to quickly get over that struggle.


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