Being Vegan, Vegan Being: Raj Israel – I Wanted to Live to See my Granddaughter Grow Up

March 15, 2019 Tony 0

Tell us a little about yourself. I am a retired chemical engineer and had the privilege of working for GE, NASA, L&T (India) and was engaged in designing and building chemical plants specializing in low […]

Inspirational Animal Activist: Cheyenne Danner – My Vegan Journey Began as a Young Child

March 15, 2019 Tony 2

Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Cheyenne Danner. I’m a 25 year old,  San Francisco native, still living here in this progressive bubble by the bay. I’m a full-time animal rights activist, […]

Inspirational Animal Rights Activist: Ryuji Chua – @PeacebyVegan

March 12, 2019 Tony 0

This amazing interview was recorded by Ryuji for Inspirational Souls. It details his life and journey to veganism. It also includes what lead him to animal rights activism and he shares a ton of great […]

Being Vegan, Vegan Being: Ana and Brian – Those Annoying Vegans

March 10, 2019 Tony 0

Tell us a little about yourself. I (Ana) was born and partly raised in Costa Rica before moving to Boston in 1994. I (Brian) was born in Maryland, but grew up in West Virginia. We […]