No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #24 – Jaclyn DuBois Lockhart aka the Confetti Monster

June 28, 2016 Tony 0

I don’t recall how I met, Jaclyn Lockhart, aka “The Confetti Monster,” but I know it was her quirky and unique art that caught my eye. Since I first spotted her work, she has created […]

No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #23 – George Monroy- A Third Chance at Life, Leads to True Love

June 23, 2016 Tony 0

I first met George in March of 2012, when I showed up to volunteer at the World Famous Caine’s arcade. You can learn more about Caine’s Arcade here. I believe this was right before he […]

No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #22 – Nena Bush- A Working Woman’s Factotum

June 14, 2016 Tony 0

I’ve never had so much fun as I did working with Nena at Starbuck’s in Emeryville while I was attending grad school. Nena was someone who wasn’t afraid to speak at loud volumes during business. […]

No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #21 – Jesse Michaels – Punk Rock Renaissance Man

June 7, 2016 Tony 0

I’ve known Jesse Michaels for almost six years. I reconnected with Jesse recently when I attended a book signing for his first novel, “Whispering Bodies.” Jesse has created all types of art for a long […]